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Margaret River Farmers Market

Lot 272 Bussell Hwy Margaret River

The Margaret River Farmers’ Market was just awarded the 2018 Delicious Awards Most Outstanding Farmers’ Market in Australia.... what does this mean? Established in 2002, Margaret River Farmers’ Market has been working hard at bringing the freshest seasonal food directly from farmers and producers to the community.
To explain a little more clearly, Margaret River Farmers’ Market has real farmers predominantly from the Margaret River Region (and just beyond, a specific appellation within the southwest) selling seasonal fresh farm produce and artisan food producers selling food they’ve produced directly to consumers. This means our stallholders must be personally hands on in the production of the food they sell at the market; no reselling is allowed. Further, there is no craft available, just fresh food and cut flowers. This makes the Margaret River Farmers’ Market an authentic farmers’ market as our community can access truly local, fresh and seasonal food directly from the people who have grown or produced the food every Saturday morning.
As the seasons change, the fruit and vegetables available change. Its a wonderful way to connect the local community to eating seasonally, this in turn is lowering the food miles as the fresh produce has not had to travel very far for very long. The majority of farm produce is harvested within 24-48 hours of being available to buy making it incredibly nutritious and fresh!
Our meat, dairy and egg farmers raise their animals ethically and sustainably, their animals lead happy and healthy lives. Ethical sustainable farming practises bring a variety of benefits, firstly and most importantly there is less of an environmental footprint on our planet and secondly (quite importantly) it ensures the meat, dairy and eggs they produce is of excellent quality. You can literally taste the difference.
Economically, farmers’ markets take out the middle man, so the farmers can charge less but make more; the consumer will pay less and be able to buy the best, freshest and ethically grown produce available. The farmers are all based within the Margaret River Region or a short distance beyond; are small owned and operated farms and food businesses thus, money spent in their stall will more likely remain in the local and southwest economy.
Margaret River Farmers’ Market connects hard working farmers to consumers, it connects consumers to their food source and the seasons; it allows a fantastic space and place for the community to connect every week. It lowers food miles and strengthens the local economy. You can’t get better than a farmers market! Hopefully we’ll see you there soon! You’ll see within one step inside our market, it truly is a very special thing.