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Amelia Park Lodge

Occy's Brewery & Newtown House 5850 Bussell Hwy

Previously known as Newton House and built in 1852, the Restaurant, combined with the Guesthouse and the recently constructed Tavern, displaying a rich tapestry of European deluxe styling, make up the Amelia Park Lodge, located in Abbey Western Australia.

Amelia Park Lodge is a family owned and operated business, established by Peter Walsh in 2017. Peter and his family have a strong heritage in the South West region, and are delighted to create this beautiful establishment to be enjoyed by locals and visitors alike. 

The Restaurant is the original historic dwelling on the property. This building with low-stoop doorways and high ceilings, has been lovingly restored with the conservatory as a welcomed addition to the front of the building. The history of the building is displayed in the images on the walls, and by the showcasing of original features, such as the kitchen stove in the main foyer. It’s an authentic tribute to local history, and has a delightful menu to boot.

The Tavern, although sympathetically designed to externally match the era of the Restaurant, internally resembles a Viennese concert hall in height and grandeur, with an eclectic mix of French, Italian and Spanish furnishings. Fitted with antique mirrors, copper bar, marble vanities, imported Italian tiles, and large Spanish inspired chandeliers, gives you a truly sumptuous European experience. A whiskey room and champagne lounge, add to the rich and luxurious mood.